The pleasure of a purely natural fine wine

An encounter with a land, vines and wine

Tasting a Château Bellegrave first and foremost means enjoying a fine Bordeaux. However, it is also an encounter with a land and vines that have found their soul and the ability to express themselves naturally, without artifice, fashion or sectarianism. The wine is elegant. It is beautiful. Pomerol and organic all in one!

A clear history from generation to generation

The heritage of a winemaking spirit

You can have a great family history without going all the way back into the mists of time! At Château Bellegrave, three generations are enough to give meaning to a little world devoted to nature, the land and the vines, in the unique terroir that is Pomerol.

Jean Bouldy bought the estate in 1951. His son Jean-Marie is now continuing his work and shaping the destiny of Château Bellegrave, with his wife and children by his side.



The Pomerol application covers some 800 hectares of land that are known and appreciated across the world.
But at Château Bellegrave, we start off by talking about pebbles, sand and red clay.
Wine can be drunk on the other side of the world, this world that creates what we are going to describe, these minerals drawn from millions of stones, billions of grains of sand, clay particles creating flavours that would not otherwise exist.


Reopen a dialogue with nature

It all began with an observation and then amazement in the early 2000s.

Conventional winemaking, even in its more sustainable forms, was a time bomb for the earth, plants and humankind. Without sectarianism, ideology or passing fads, Jean-Marie Bouldy simply, discreetly and patiently began to convert his vineyards. He reopened a dialogue with nature and rediscovered his trade. No magic, just agricultural know-how at its purest, enhanced with cutting-edge science and knowledge – as well as self-sacrifice, love and great character!

our wines


Allowing each vintage to express itself

If we had to describe Château Bellegrave in one word, it would be ‘elegance’.
A word that sums up but does not say it all, as nothing is more important to Jean-Marie Bouldy than allowing each vintage the freedom to express itself and tell its story. All he does is accompany, support and assist them. Not much, but still essential!


They are famous, they are anonymous, and they share a love for Château Bellegrave. They love the wines, the work, and Jean-Marie Bouldy’s approach.
They express themselves sincerely.

Château Bellegrave - Verre


Discover the chateau and its wines

We look forward to seeing you! Château Bellegrave arranges visits to taste its wines and explore the secrets of organic cultivation combining head and heart, and peek behind the scenes of a winemaking process that reveals the personality of the estate’s wines, vintage after vintage.
And all in a truly family atmosphere!