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Château Bellegrave 2009



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2009 is one of the best Bordeaux vintages of the early 21st century. We enjoyed early blossoming at the beginning of June and ideal veraison in late July. The magnificent weather of August and September allowed perfect grape ripening. Thus, all the climatic conditions were met to obtain a fresh, refined and elegant wine of exceptional balance.

Wine resulting from grapes produced in organic viticulture

Jacques DUPONT’s chronicle, Le Point news magazine: 17/20 The wine expert’s favourite! A sappy and very plush feel to the palate, velvety tannins, good length. An exquisitely structured wine with a long, precise and delicate finish. A delightful wine.

DUSSERT-GERBERT Vintage Code: This rich yet delicate Pomerol 2009 is an absolute favourite.

  • Robe (Colour): Dark and intense

  • Aroma (Nose): Spicy and complex with truffle and blackberry aromas

  • Palate (Mouth): This fleshy, full-bodied wine presents lots of ampleness and beautiful finesse.

  • Wine Pairing Suggestion: A worthwhile discovery with foie gras, white meat and ewe's milk cheese.